Acoustic Chambers of the Egyptian Pyramids

Pyramids in Egypt

I could easily dedicate an entire article to the subject of acoustic chambers inside the pyramids of Egypt. I visit Egypt and the Great Pyramid on a regular basis, (at the time of writing I have been there around 25 times). Great minds and ordinary people have marvelled at the Great Pyramid for thousands of years – was it just a tomb as we are told by archaeologists? One fact that can’t be argued is that the main chamber of the Great Pyramid amplifies sound. I expect there are a number of academics who would like to dismiss this fact as a “coincidence” caused by the construction material. They might point out rooms constructed of stone as well as caves produce an acoustic effect. However, there are a large number of engineering features inside the Great Pyramid and surrounding the Kings Chamber that enhance the acoustic effect. Was all of this time and effort put in for no other reason than constructing a nice sounding room for the pharaohs’ body?