Athletic Shoes and Tennis Shoes are Over-Priced and Too Expensive

Athletic Shoes and Tennis Shoes are Over-Priced and Too Expensive

Contrary to what manufacturers claim, expensive tennis shoes aren’t always your best buy. In the United States alone, people buy some 400 million athletic shoes every year, and their price creeps ever higher. Although manufacturers attribute the rising costs to advanced technological features, they also reflect the price of celebrity endorsements and advertising.

Save your money. Despite conventional wisdom and manufacturers’ claims, a higher number on the price tag does not guarantee a better athletic shoe. In fact, more expensive shoes could be a waste of money. A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that low and medium price shoes provided the same, if not better, shock absorption and cushioning as the more expensive ones. Study participants who tested the shoes by walking or running on treadmills did not find the pricier models to be more comfortable, either.

Finding the right workout shoe is important. The wrong footwear can cause discomfort and even injury. You should shop in a store with knowledgeable employees who are trained to properly evaluate your gait.

Buying a shoe designed for your specific sport makes sense, since those designed for, say, basketball, have different features than those for aerobics or running. The best time to try on shoes is within an hour of exercising, when your feet are still expanded. Even if you know your size, get measured, because feet change over time.

Be sure to retire your favorite sport shoes when they wear out. Experts advise replacing exercise shoes after 300 to 500 miles of use. For most people, this means getting a new pair at least every six months, another reason to check out lower price sneakers.

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