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Art has many elements and themes to it that create a genre of creativity unlike any other, which includes crafts that draw upon the principles of fine. This page is where you’ll find written articles analysing the different elements and principles of art, as well as a few commission pages.

TheLegendofStella Commission Page 2019

Hello! This page will be updated in accordance to new services and products as needed. I, TheLegendofStella, have recently joined the site in order to help expand the articles and information has to offer. I am also going to

Ducks on a Door (or, How to Make Your Attic Doors Stylish)

Most people leave their attic openings as plain, drab things, perhaps to hide away the fact that the house even has an attic at all (a counterproductive endeavor as attics are rather useful, but I digress). However, this drab look