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Authorities do not all agree about the definition of civilization. Most accept the view that “a civilization is a culture which has attained a degree of complexity usually characterized by urban life.” In other words, a civilization is a culture capable of sustaining a substantial number of specialists to cope with the economic, social, political, and religious needs of a populous society. Other characteristics usually present in a civilization include a system of writing to keep records, monumental architecture in place of simple buildings, and an art that is no longer merely decorative, like that on Neolithic pottery, but representative of people and their activities. All these characteristics of civilization first appeared in Mesopotamia.

The Turquoise Pendant – Mythology from Ancient Egypt

The Turquoise Pendant In the second of the three Tales of Wonder contained in the Westcar Papyrus, Prince Baufre tells of his father’s father, King Snefru, and Snefru’s lector priest Djadjaemankh. The day was especially hot. Bored to distraction, King

The Enchanted Island – Ancient Egyptian Myth

The Enchanted Island On his return from an unsuccessful trade mission in Nubia, an Egyptian envoy bemoaned his misfortune, provoking a sailor to console him by telling a tale that began with tragedy but ended happily. An unnamed sailor was

Siosire & the Sorcerer of Nubia – Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Siosire & the Sorcerer of Nubia One day, a haughty Nubian appeared before the court of king Ramesses II in Memphis, and issued a challenge to the best scholars of Egypt, testing their abilities in magic. Holding a sealed papyrus

The Wives of Seth – Mythology of Ancient Egypt

The Wives of Seth During Seth’s long and unsuccessful battle was Horus for the Egyptian throne, the goddess Neith suggested to the council of gods that Seth be awarded a loser’s prize: the foreign Daughters of Re, named Anat and

Thoth and the Eye of Horus – Mythology of Ancient Egypt

Thoth and the Eye of Horus The conflict between the gods Horus and Seth raged for many decades. On one level it was a struggle in which a son sought just revenge on his father’s killer. On another, a cosmic