Category: Archaeology

The branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people and their cultures.

Archaeology is all about understanding the past by analyzing material culture — that is, objects shaped by human hands.

The Greek suffix -ology (“the study of”) should be familiar. Consider the word biology: bios is Greek for “life,” so biology is “the study of life.” Arkhaios is “ancient.” Thus, archaeology is “the study of ancient things.” Early archaeologists tended to seek sensational finds — like Howard Carter, who found King Tut’s tomb. Contemporary archaeologists are generally more concerned with reconstructing the lives of everyday people through careful analysis of mundane artifacts — like tools and feeding utensils.

Pyramids in Egypt I could easily dedicate an entire article to the subject of acoustic chambers inside the pyramids of Egypt. I visit Egypt and the Great Pyramid on a regular basis, (at the time of writing I have been …

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The Archaeoacoustics Field of Study Archaeoacoustics is the use of acoustical study within the wider scientific field of archaeology. This includes the study of the acoustics at archaeological sites, and the study of acoustics in archaeological artifacts. Over the last …

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