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Language remains in the minds of many philosophers, linguists, and biologists a quintessentially human trait. Attempts to shed light on the evolution of human language have come from many areas including studies of primate social behavior, the diversity of existing human languages , the development of language in children, and the genetic and anatomical correlates of language competence, as well as theoretical studies of cultural evolution and of learning and lexicon formation.

Ave Maria, both Latin and English

The origin of the chief Catholic prayer to the Mother of God is a direct quote from the Archangel Gabriel, which can be found in the Bible in Luke chapter 1 verse 28, when he descends from heaven and appears to the Virgin

English Translation of Sumerian Words

  English Sumerian 1 Marriage/woman GAŠ-an 2 Tie/bind KAD 3 Feeling/care KIAG 4 Clan/collective KUD/ HU 5 house/family GUD 6 back/boundary HAŠ/_ED-in 7 warrior/man GÙD 2/GIŠ   English Sumerian 1 I ni=I, self, 2 my nga 3 myself men 4