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Lifestyle choices are many. Your spirit needs comfort and serenity, so choose a lifestyle that suits your every mood.

TRUE or FALSE Quiz about Redwood and Sequoia Trees

TRUE or FALSE Quiz about Redwood and Sequoia Trees TRUE or FALSE?A redwood is the same as a sequoia.FALSE Explanation: In North America, there are just two native species of cone-bearing redwoods: the Coast Redwood and the Giant Sequoia. Sequoias

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Robinson Crusoe Island is REAL, Daniel Defoe’s fictional story based on the real life of a Scotsman

Robinson Crusoe Island is REALDaniel Defoe’s fictional story is based on the real life adventures of Scotsman Alexander Selkirk Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, is frequently cited as the first novel ever published in English, in 1719. It remains one

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Growing Apple Trees from seed

Johnny Appleseed is often depicted as a happy-go-lucky farmer who roamed the American frontier barefoot wearing a pan on his head and scattering apple seeds. Although this image fits comfortably with folklore, Johnny Appleseed was was actually a real person.

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Aquaponics Gardening

Aquaponic gardens can give you lots of fresh vegetables and tasty fish, they are great for any type of home as well as for any age and occupation you may have. However, they will not take care of themselves! It

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Food Forest – Perennial Vegetables

Perennial Vegetables Asparagus This seasonal delicacy provides B and C vitamins, iron, and calcium, and can thrive almost anywhere in the US except Florida and the Gulf Coast where the mild, wet winters prevent its dormancy cycle.  Give some thought