Costa Rica Symbols Merch on Redbubble

Costa Rica National Bird and National Flower

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Costa Rica has such a vibrant, humble theme to it that sometimes you want to bring it home with you on a shirt or a notebook. Well, you don’t even have to visit the country in order to get this design! It’s a minimalistic look for those wanting only solid color, and features the clay-colored thrush and guaria morada orchid that make up Costa Rica’s national symbols. You can get this beautiful design on Redbubble on nearly 40+ products, all high-quality and made to last! This page has a sampling of some of the most fitting products, but be sure to check out the full list.

Full list of products here!

Tote bag:

Throw pillow:

Drawstring bag:

Premium T-shirt:

iPhone soft case:

Spiral notebook:

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