No Speed Limit on the German Autobahn – Bundesautobahn 7 Fastest cars on the highway


No Speed Limit on the German Autobahn – Bundesautobahn 7 Fastest cars on the highway

Owners of high-performance cars dream of pushing their vehicles to maximum speeds, and the road of their dreams is the German Autobahn. But this Expressway isn’t entirely a pedal-to-the-metal playground.

Most people agree that if you like to speed, Germany is the place to be. The BundesAutobahn 7 has long stretches where you can legally drive as fast as you want, and it is not uncommon for cars to top 150 miles per hour. But driver, beware. The Autobahn does have speed limits. In fact, almost half of the system is under some sort of speed control. As you approach major interchanges, cities, or difficult terrain, you’ll start to see speed limit signs. And even though you will rarely encounter any Autobahnpolizei or Highway Patrol, if you speed and get caught, it will be expensive. Radar linked cameras positioned over interchanges photograph the license plates of all speeders, who then receive considerable traffic fines in the mail.

The era of high speed driving in Germany may actually be coming to an end. Concerns about fuel consumption and global warming have increased pressure from environmental groups to bring Germany’s traffic laws in line with the rest of Europe. In other words, a maximum speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour). Studies have shown that CO2 emissions would be cut by 15% in the long term once more fuel-efficient cars are on the roads.

But German car companies are working to keep this from happening, arguing that high speed driving is an integral part of the German brand. The Germans themselves are passionate about driving, and driving fast, and it is doubtful they will give up their speedy ways without a fight. In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to drive through Germany on its famous freeway, do so with a lightened foot and a cautious eye.


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