America is NOT a Democracy

America is NOT a Democracy

The current ideology in modern politics is that the only thing we need is a “majority” in Congress to pass a law, and that everything they can pass by majority vote is lawful, enforceable, and by default supposedly Constitutional.

Maybe that’s where we get all this crazy rhetoric about democracy. Some people actually believe that America is a democracy, or is being applied as a democracy In Congress.

Not one-voice-one-vote per person in America, but Democracy in Congress.

See this is where we really jump the rails with this kind of talk about democracy. people actually think That we are a democracy. It doesn’t take any more energy to simply say That America is a constitutional republic. But because we keep saying that America is a democracy you’ve got people that think a majority vote in Congress is the equivalent of the Constitution. Seriously now, that is just completely and utterly ridiculous. That’s where this democracy speech gets us. When people in Congress think that the vote of Congress is the equivalent of the Constitution.

It is so important that you and all the people you know of like mind, refer to America as a constitutional republic. Because that’s what tells people that a majority vote of Congress is not the equivalent of the Constitution. One of the framers of the Constitution, James Wilson, said that it’s the Constitution that predominates.Therefore any act by Congress contrary to the Constitution Is null and void. Your majority vote becomes null and void if it is not consistent with,or in the language of the Constitution, pursuant to, the Constitution.

That’s why we call it a constitutional republic. a republic is where the laws are created By representation. a democracy is where the laws are created by popular vote, but a republic is where laws are made through equal representation so that a majority can’t overrule a minority. The majority can’t make a vote to enslave the minority. In whatever form or fashion that slavery might actually come. Financial slavery, economic slavery, property slavery, indentured servants, or actual physical imprisonment slavery. The majority can’t vote in a law to put the minority into servitude. In a democracy that’s the way it works; the majority can vote to put the minority into servitude. But in a constitutional republic, where laws are created by equal representation of all groups, the minority has the same voice in lawmaking as the majority.

We are a constitutional republic, which is a very specific kind of republic. As a constitutional republic the government of the Legislative, the government of the Judiciary, the government of the .Executive are strictly created and strictly bound and limited by the terms of the Constitution. We put the government in a constitutional box. They are not able to leap out of it by their own accord, they are not able to vote outside of it by their own accord, they are not able to redefine their box, they are not able to reapply their box,or re-interpret their box. Any functions outside their box are null and void.

that’s why it’s important to make sure you say that America is a constitutional republic. It really truly matters. If we are going to retain Liberty in America, If we are going to secure Liberty for our future, we have got to Get it right. The key to maintaining our Republic is knowing how our Republic is supposed to work. It is not a Democratic Republic! That is gobbledy-gook! That doesn’t mean anything at all. It is a specific constitutional republic that the government is created and confined by the Constitution.

Our government is not created and defined by the majority vote. Our government is not created and defined by the majority will of the people. Bottom line, the Constitution was created to ensure That the population would be free From majority rule. From the ebb and flow of the wave, and the majority or the mob rule, The rule of society and the current political opinion, and the popular opinion. Our constitution is in writing to be a static standard.

America is not a Democracy

The problem in our country today is not that the politicians don’t read the Constitution, the problem is that our politicians don’t follow the standard, they don’t abide by the Constitution.

Two Wolves and a Sheep

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Hollywood Special Effects? Was a Real Tornado Created with Weather Machines during the movie Twister?

Hollywood Special Effects? Was a Real Tornado Created with Weather Machines during a screening of the movie Twister?

Is it possible that screenwriters scripted the special effects that accompanied the movie Twister when it made the rounds on the drive-in movie circuit in Ontario, Canada?

In 1974, Hollywood introduced the Innovative, but ultimately unpopular, concept of Sensurround to promote the movie Earthquake. Featuring a Sonic sound explosion that actually shook the seats to create the sensation of an earthquake, the gimmick was dismissed by both cinematic critics and finicky fans. Tinseltown also introduced other Innovations, such as THX sound and IMAX screens, to get couch potatoes out of the house and into theaters.

In 1996, Sensurround made a dramatic return to the screens, scripted with a not-so-subtle substance by nature itself. All myths worth their weight in mystery must be built on a basic foundation of truth, and in the case of the movie Twister, the facts are as fascinating as fiction.

On May 28th, 1996, a tornado tore through the community of Thorold, Ontario, a sleepy little hamlet in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario. Most of the city escaped major damage, but the same could not be said of the local drive-in theater, which saw all of its four screens ripped and ravaged by the storm. Like the whirling winds, rumors were soon flying that the tornado had touched down just as spectators at the drive-in were stuffing themselves with popcorn and watching the blockbuster movie Twister. The cars-only cinema was indeed showing the disaster flick, but the tornado actually hit during the day, not at night when the movie was being played.

A further and more far-fetched twist on the story is that the real-life tornado hit during a scene in Twister when a tornado rips through a drive-in theater that’s showing a movie about a tornado…

the movie twister special effects

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Origin of Santa Claus – Did Coca-Cola Invent Santa Claus?

Origin of Santa Claus – Did Coca-Cola Invent Santa Claus?

Although the Coca-Cola Company helped popularize Santa Claus, it cannot take credit for creating the ubiquitous Christmas image.

Nothing says Christmas like the image of a white whiskered fat man in a red suit squeezing down a chimney with a sack full of toys. But Santa Claus hasn’t always looked that way. When the Coca-Cola Company used the red robed figure in the 1930s to promote its soft drinks, the classic image of Santa was cemented in the public consciousness.

Santa Claus evolved from two religious figures, Saint Nicholas and Christkindlein. Saint Nicholas was a real person, a monk who became a bishop in the early fourth century and was renowned as a generous gift-giver. Christkindlein, meaning “ Christ child”, was assisted by Elfin helpers and would leave gifts for children while they slept.

Santa Claus originated from a Dutch poem, “Sinterklaas”, and the legend was added to over time by different writers. Until the early 20th century, though, Santa Claus was portrayed in many different ways. He could be tall and clad in long robes like Saint Nicholas, or small with whiskers like the elves who helped Christkindlein.

In 1881, Thomas Nast, a caricaturist for Harper’s Weekly, first drew Santa as a merry figure in red with flowing whiskers, an image close to the one we know today. Printer Louis Prang used a similar image in 1885 when he introduced Christmas cards to America. In 1931, the Coca-Cola Company first employed Haddon Sundblom to illustrate its annual advertisements, choosing a Santa dressed in red and white to match the corporate colors.

By then, however, this was already the most popular image of Santa Claus, one that was described in detail in a New York Times article in 1927. If Coca-Cola had really invented Santa Claus, children would likely be saving the milk and leaving him soda and cookies on Christmas Eve.

origin of santa

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Overkill – How long to Boil Water for Drinking – Kills Bacteria, but also wastes energy

Overkill – How long to Boil Water for Drinking – Kills Bacteria, but also wastes energy

Here’s how you can have your clean water and save the environment too.

When in doubt about the possibility of your water supply, you can ensure its cleanliness, or at least its anti-microbial condition, by boiling it. But if you don’t have an updated prepper book or wilderness manual, you may not know that boiling water for extended periods of time doesn’t make it any cleaner. In fact, boiling isn’t even necessary.

It’s a misconception that water must reach the boiling point, 212 degrees Fahrenheit, to kill pathogens. The temperature needed to knock off most critters, excluding extreme varieties such as bacteria living in volcanoes, is just 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacteria, microbes, viruses and parasites are killed off after just a few minutes at that temperature. Disease-causing pathogens, then, are already dead by the time the water begins to boil.

In developing countries where firewood is scarce and water is filled with bacteria, it is imperative to adhere to recommended boiling times. Since you’re unlikely to have a cooking thermometer handy, the prudent route is simply to wait for the water to boil.

Yet various safety guides recommend boiling water for 5, 10, even 20 minutes. At this point much of the water will evaporate, and fuel would have been wasted. In light of criticism about wasting energy to boil water, the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency recently lowered their suggested boiling times. Both now recommend heating water to a rolling boil for only 1 minute.

In survival situations when fuel and water supplies are limited, waiting too long for water to boil can have dangerous repercussions. When all you have are a few pieces of firewood and water from a muddy stream, sitting idly by as the water boils away may result in a long cold thirsty night.

Boil Drinking Water 1 Minute

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Do Dogs Sweat? Why do Dogs Pant? How do Dogs Cool Off their Body Temperature?

Do Dogs Sweat? Why do Dogs Pant? How do Dogs Cool Off their Body Temperature?

It’s hot out, and you and your dog are taking a midday run. As your shirt becomes soaked with perspiration, Rover breaks a sweat in his own way, by panting. that’s what you’ve always thought anyway.

Dogs don’t sweat by panting, but they do regulate their body temperature that way. They release excess heat through their tongues while taking short, rapid breaths. sometimes as many as 300 to 400 breaths per minute. This process expels hot air from their lungs and body cavities. But because such breathing is quick and shallow, it doesn’t use up much energy, so the dog doesn’t risk overheating more.

It’s widely thought that dogs don’t sweat at all, but that’s not true either. Although humans perspire through our skin, a dog’s fur prevents the release of moisture and heat. Our canine companions lack the extensive sweat glands that we have. But they do have some, and they’re located in their foot pads.

That’s why you can see pad prints on wood floors and outdoor decks in warm weather. That’s also why your pet’s paws can smell kind of funky like armpits. As humans do, dogs perspire when they get overheated or anxious. We get sweaty pits, they get sweaty paws.

However, the paws of a dog are too small to release the excessive body heat generated during a romp in the middle of summer. That’s when the tongue flops out. With both cooling systems in operation, a dog is so efficient at lowering its body temperature that it can endure prolonged, high speed chases, in pursuit of a rabbit for instance, without the need to stop. The rabbit, on the other hand, has no such means to cool down. Sure, it’ll keep running to evade the dog, but it will likely drop dead from heat exhaustion in the process.

do dogs sweat

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