President William Howard Taft was a Baseball Fan + Take Me Out to the Ball Game Original Song Lyrics

In a time-honored tradition, Baseball fans rise from their seats between the top and bottom of the seventh inning to sing a hearty rendition of “ Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” (Original Lyrics below) Was this custom really started as a nod of respect to President William Howard Taft?

Rather than being remembered for his one-term presidency in the White House and for being the only man to serve as both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Taft is probably best known as the fattest man who ever served as Commander in Chief.

Indeed, Taft’s girth was impressive. It sometimes restricted his movements, especially when he attended Washington Senators baseball games, a pastime pursuit that was his preferred method of relaxation. After sitting through a few innings of action, Taft would extract himself from the compressed confines of his chair,stand and stretch, and waddle off to the men’s room. The denizens sitting near him would also rise, showing a measure of respect for their honored guest. This presidential pause for the cause was rumored to have occurred in the seventh inning break.

However, there’s no proof that the President was responsible for instituting or influencing the tradition. Taft attended many ball games, but he rarely stayed as late as the seventh inning. It’s been said he had more pressing matters on his home plate, running the country for instance.

On April 14th, 1910, Taft became the first president to toss the first pitch on opening day of the season. This convention has since been followed by every chief executive, with the exception of Jimmy Carter– an ironic twist when one considers the relationship between Carter, peanuts, and baseball.

Original Lyrics:

Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd
Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks, I don’t care if I never get back
Let me root, root, root For the home team
If they don’t win it’s a shame
Aahh. For it’s one, Two, Three strikes you’re out
At the old ball game

All I need is just one chance, I could hit a home run
There isn’t anyone else like me, Maybe I’ll go down in history
And it’s root, root, root For the home team
Here comes fortune and fame
‘Cause I know That I’ll be the star
At the old Ball Game

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Who said, “Go West Young Man”? Horace Greeley – New York Tribune,1865

Who coined the phrase? Who said, “Go West Young Man”? We know Horace Greeley wrote it and he was certainly the most prominent person to say it in a memorable way.

Horace Greeley was a self-made newspaperman, social critic, and advocate who built the influential New York Tribune into a mighty voice for change. He opposed monopolies, the death penalty, and slavery, and he advocated homestead land grants and egalitarianism. In a Tribune editorial dated July 13th, 1865, Greeley wrote, “Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting and the morals are deplorable. Go West, Young man, go west and grow up with the country.”

Although he was a solid advocate for Western settlement, Greeley was attempting to speak to a different issue. He was addressing disgruntled civil servants in DC who has complained at length about low pay and high living costs in their city of employment. What Greeley meant was, “if you don’t like it here, go somewhere else.”

A number of historians credit the phrase to John B. Soule, writing in the Terre Haute Express in 1851. That credit lacks one key component, a specific date. If we’re sure someone said or wrote something, we usually know exactly when. With Soule, we do not, so a firm credit becomes problematic. He probably did say it, but just as likely, so did others before and after. In the 1800’s many thousands sought their fortunes out west. “ Go west,” was the era’s equivalent of saying, “apply for college.”

Greeley’s own story ended less optimistically. He ran against Ulysses S. Grant for president, was soundly defeated, lost his mind and his newspaper, and died insane. His assessment of Washington, DC, however, has in many ways endured the test of time.

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Sacagawea’s True Story – Her Husband was Hired as a Translator | She traveled with him, was not a guide

There aren’t many tour guides as famous as Sacagawea, but in truth, she wasn’t a guide at all. She had no idea where she was going, and she didn’t even speak English.

Meriwether Lewis, a soldier, and William Clark, a naturalist, were recruited by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the upper reaches of the Missouri River. Their job was to find the most direct route to the Pacific Ocean, the legendary Northwest Passage. Setting out in 1803, they worked their way up the Missouri River and then stopped for the winter to build a fort near a trading post in present-day North Dakota. This is where they met the pregnant Shoshone teenager known as Sacagawea.

Actually, they met her through her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau. He was a French fur trader who lived with the Shoshone. He is said to have purchased Sacagawea from members of another group who had captured her, so it may be inaccurate to call her his wife. Although Sacagawea is credited with guiding Lewis and Clark’s expedition to the Pacific, the only reason she, and her newborn baby, went along at all was that her husband had been hired as a translator.

The myth of Sacagawea as the Native American princess who pointed the way to the Pacific was created and perpetuated by the many books and movies that romanticized her story. For example, the 1955 movie, The Far Horizons, which starred Donna Reed, introduced the fictional plotline of a romance between Sacagawea and William Clark. Over time, she has evolved to serve as a symbol of friendly relations between the US government and Native Americans. In 2000, she was given the U.S. Mint’s ultimate honor when it released the Sacagawea Golden Dollar. At the same time, though, the Mint’s website incorrectly states that she “guided the adventurers from the Northern Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean and back”.

The only facts known about Sacagawea come from the journals of Lewis and Clark’s expedition team. According to these we know that she did not translate for the group, with the exception of a few occasions when they encountered other Shoshone. But because she did not speak English, she served as more of a go-between for her husband, the explorers, and members of other tribes they encountered in their travels. Concerning her knowledge of a route to the Pacific, Lewis and Clark knew far more about the land than she did. Only when they reached the area occupied by her own people was she able to point out a few landmarks, but they were not of any great help.

This isn’t to say that she did not make important contributions to the journey’s success. Journals note that Sacagawea was a great help to the team when she took it upon herself to rescue essential medicines and supplies that had been washed into a river. Her knowledge of edible roots and plants was invaluable when game and other sources of food were hard to come by. Most important, Sacagawea served as a sort of human peace symbol. Her presence reassured the various Native American groups who encountered Lewis and Clark that the explorers’ intentions were peaceful. No Native American woman, especially one with a baby on her back, would have been part of a war party.

There are two very different accounts of Sacagawea’s death. Although some historical documents say she died in South Dakota in 1812, Shoshone oral tradition claims she lived until 1884 and died in Wyoming. Regardless of differing interpretations of her life and death, Sacagawea will always be a heroine of American history.

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What does Double-Jointed mean? Hypermobility Syndrome

Some people can bend themselves into mind-boggling positions. Others have one cool trick, such as wrapping their legs behind their neck or bending their thumbs backward. Talented? Maybe. Double-jointed? No.

To explain such feats, people boast that they’re double-jointed, as though they either have more joints than the rest of us or have joints with twice the normal range of motion. Even if you can twist yourself into the shape of a pretzel, you are not, in fact, double-jointed.

Circus promoters often claim that their star contortionists have a little extra in their anatomy, but that’s just to sell tickets. In fact, we all have the same number of joints. Those dramatic twists and turns are a combination of genetic flexibility, which allows for extra movement in the joints, and intense training. The technical term for extraordinary joint flexibility is hypermobility.

Hypermobility is most often seen in children. Most of the time, the condition doesn’t cause any problems, but in some cases, it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. When hypermobility causes dislocations and sprains, or pain and swelling in the joints, the diagnosis is Benign Hypermobility Syndrome. Also called “looseness of joints”, this condition is characterized by loose and weak ligaments, which do a poor job of providing stability to the joints.

Experts do not know why some hypermobile individuals are pain-free, while others experience discomfort. Treatment varies but may include exercises to increase muscle strength and training to prevent hyperextension.

In rare instances, hypermobility can indicate the presence of systemic genetic diseases such as Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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Food Myths| Common Questions and Debunking Rumors: Baking Soda, Turkey, Lobster Screams, Raw Eggs, The 5 Second Rule, Mayonnaise

Food Myths| Common Questions and Debunking Rumors: Baking Soda, Turkey, Lobster Screams, Raw Eggs, The 5 Second Rule, Mayonnaise

Number One
Does Baking soda eliminates odors in the refrigerator?
Fact: Chemically speaking, the alkaline composition of baking soda may absorb and neutralize a bit of an acidic odor. But the humidity in a fridge can cause the baking soda to develop a hard crust, further reducing its already weak ability to tame tough odors. Replace the baking soda for odor with an open canister of charcoal, which will do a much better job of soaking up smells.

Number Two
Do Lobsters scream in pain when dropped into boiling water?
Fact: Lobsters have no vocal cords. Second, lobsters, crabs, and other invertebrates have ultra simple nervous system that lack the receptors to feel what humans call pain. Here’s the explanation for the sound you hear: Air that is trapped under the lobster’s shell expands rapidly in boiling water and escapes through small openings. So in the same way that teapots don’t actually whistle, lobsters don’t really scream.

Number Three
Does Thanksgiving turkey makes you sleepy?
Fact: Although many people believe that the culpable compound in Turkey is the natural sedative known as tryptophan, plenty of other foods, including beef, pork, and cheese, contain similar or higher amounts of the amino acid. Most likely, the other things you consume at your holiday table, including the alcoholic beverages and carbohydrates that accompany mom’s turkey, can slow your metabolism. This,along with a heavy meal that forces your diaphragm to work harder, it pulls the lungs down and hinders breathing, can leave you snoring on the couch after dinner.

Number Four
Do Raw eggs carry salmonella? Can raw eggs make you sick?
Fact: According to the US Department of Agriculture, 1 in 3,600 eggs is contaminated with salmonella. That’s 300 dozen. If your family eats a carton every week, you may get one bad egg every 6 years. In many cases, the contamination is on the shell rather than in the egg itself; chickens aren’t the cleanest creatures in the barnyard. The process of pasteurization, which many commercial egg plants employ, uses hot water baths to kill bacteria while keeping the egg inside the shell uncooked. When in doubt, always cook eggs completely, and be sure to purchase in-shell eggs from a dependable vendor. Also, while you’re checking the carton for cracked eggs before you buy them, check the expiration date.

Number 5
Is Food that falls on the floor okay if picked up within 5 Seconds? The 5 second rule for dropping food?
Fact: Granted, the longer the contact time, the greater the amount of contamination, but food products that come into contact with any unsanitary surface can pick up pathogens in as little as one second. A quick retrieval may mean fewer harmful germs, but it’s no assurance of safety. Bacteria can thrive on surfaces for as long as a month, so cleaning floors and countertops with a disinfectant can go a long way toward keeping your meals down, for good.

Number 6
Do dishes made with mayonnaise spoil quickly if not refrigerated ?
Fact: Your family picnic may have made you queasy, but don’t be too quick to blame Uncle Leo’s potato salad. The commercial mayonnaise used by many home cooks contains vinegar, which inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Chances are that if you got sick from a dish made with mayo, it was because of another ingredient such as contaminated chicken.

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