Running for Governor, a short story by Mark Twain, 1870

A truly hilarious account of how dirty politics and fake news false media stories are nothing new. In 1870, Twain encountered amazingly malicious mud-slinging opponents and newspaper slander from both Republicans and Democrats when he signed up to run a campaign as an Independent.

Quote from the Short Story:
I gave it up. I hauled down my colors and surrendered. I was not equal tothe requirements of a Gubernatorial campaign in the State of New York, and so I sent in my withdrawal from the candidacy, and in bitterness of spirit signed it, “Truly yours, once a decent man, but now
Mark Twain, I.P., M.T., B.S., D.T., F.C., and L.E.
Infamous Perjurer, Montana Thief, Body Snatcher, Delirium Tremens, Filthy Corruptionist, Loathsome Embracer