The John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln assassinations- similarities and coincidences

The John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln assassinations- similarities and coincidences

After President John F Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, history buffs began finding peculiar parallels between Kennedy and President Abraham Lincoln. These lists of Lincoln Kennedy coincidences are a strange mix of truth, fiction, and folks was too much free time.

Fact: Lincoln and Kennedy were elected to congress 100 years apart, 1846 to 1946, elected to the presidency 100 years apart, 1860 to 1960, and had successors who were born 100 years apart, 1808 to 1908.

Fact: both men were shot in the head.

Fact: both had successors (Vice Presidents) with the last name Johnson, Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson.

Fact: the names Lincoln and Kennedy both contain 7 letters.

None of these common facts are particularly remarkable. the head is a logical Target for a would-be assassin. Johnson is a common last name. some people get excited about numeric coincidences while conveniently ignoring countless differences, such as the men’s ages at the time of death the years of their births and the fact that their first names have different numbers of characters, and Lincoln didn’t even have a middle name. If the 100-year connection seems uncanny, perhaps it’s because round numbers are giving undue importance ; think of the excitement and foreboding that accompany the end of the decade, century, or millennium.

Coincidence: both assassins were known by three names.
Fact: Booth used the names J Wilkes Booth and John Wilkes equally, whereas Oswald went primarily by Lee Oswald when he was not using one of his many aliases. Only after the assassination did police and the media use his full name to ensure proper identification. Perhaps the most interesting observation about these men’s names is that many people don’t believe that either of them were the true assassins.

Coincidence: Booth and Oswald were both assassinated themselves, before their trials.
Fact: although both men were killed before going to trial, the details of their deaths were quite different. 2 days after Oswald was captured by police, nightclub owner Jack Ruby shot him in the abdomen while he was in transit under police custody. A lawfully armed Federal Officer named Boston Corvette shot Booth in the neck as he was attempting to evade arrest. Such a scenario cannot be considered an assassination.

Coincidence: Lincoln and Kennedy were both assassinated on a Friday before a holiday.
Fact: Lincoln was shot on April 14th, the Friday before Easter, also known as Good Friday. Kennedy was shot on November twenty-two, the Friday before Thanksgiving. Lincoln lived until the next day, whereas Kennedy was declared dead shortly after he was shot.

Coincidence: both presidents had a special concern for civil rights.
Fact: it is accurate to say that Monumental events in civil rights occurred during each presidency. For example, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, and the March on Washington took place in 1963, during Kennedy’s term.
Myth: Lincoln’s Secretary Kennedy, warned him not to go to Ford’s Theater. Kennedy’s Secretary Lincoln, warned him not to go to Dallas.
Fact: Kennedy did have a secretary named Evelyn Lincoln, but there is no evidence that she warned him not to go to Dallas. He was, however, frequently informed of assassination plots. Lincoln, the subject of as many as 80 known plots, was also used to these warnings. but he never had a secretary by the name of Kennedy. His secretaries’ surnames were Nikolay and Hay.

Myth: John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald were born 100 years apart, in 1839 and 1939 respectively.
Fact: even if it were true it would simply be another instance of giving false meaning to a round number. But it’s not true. Booth was born in 1838.

Myth: Booth ran from a theater and was caught in a warehouse. Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
Fact: Booth shot Lincoln in a theater during a performance of a play. He evaded police for 12 days, during which time he left the state and was captured in a tobacco shed on a farm. Not really what most would consider a warehouse. Oswald allegedly shot Kennedy from the window of the Book Depository, sort of a warehouse, and was captured in a movie theater a few hours later.

Myth: A month before Lincoln was assassinated, he visited Monroe Maryland. A month before Kennedy was assassinated, he visited Marilyn Monroe.

Fact: Teehee. This is simply a play on words, a macabre attempt at humor. Marilyn Monroe, one of Kennedy’s supposed lovers, died more than a year before his death. In addition, there is no Monroe in Maryland.

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