Tiger with Coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo – what about cats and dogs, can my pet get Covid-19?

Tiger with Coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo – what about cats and dogs, can my pet get Covid-19?

WCS Newsroom
In an article dated April 5, 2020 from the Wildlife Conservation Society:
A Tiger at Bronx Zoo Tests Positive for COVID-19; The Tiger and the Zoo’s Other Cats Are Doing Well at This Time

(Washington, D.C. April 5, 2020) – The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Veterinary Services Laboratories has confirmed SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 in humans) in one tiger at a zoo in New York. This is the first instance of a tiger being infected with COVID-19. Samples from this tiger were taken and tested after several lions and tigers at the zoo showed symptoms of respiratory illness.

USDA – Covid-19 at the NY Zoo
The USDA has issued a Statement on the Confirmation of COVID-19 in a Tiger in New York:
Anyone sick with COVID-19 should restrict contact with animals, out of an abundance of caution including pets, during their illness, just as they would with other people. Although there have not been reports of pets becoming sick with COVID-19 in the United States, it is still recommended that people sick with COVID-19 limit contact with animals until more information is known about the virus. If a sick person must care for a pet or be around animals, they should wash their hands before and after the interaction.

Will this finding prompt additional testing of animals?
No. This is an evolving situation, however, routine testing of zoo or personal animals is not recommended at this time. Public and animal health officials may decide to test certain animals that are showing signs of illness and that are known to have been exposed to the virus. More information about how those decisions will be made is available here: USDA Companion Animal Testing

OIE Animal Health Coronavirus
The OIE is the World Organisation on Animal Health. The OIE Informal Advisory Group on COVID-19 and Animals has been keeping the OIE updated on investigations into the potential role of animals and other matters of relevance.
The current spread of COVID-19 is a result of human to human transmission. To date, there is no evidence that companion animals have spread the disease. Therefore, there is no justification in taking measures against companion animals which may compromise their welfare.

Two rare Malayan tiger cubs (Panthera tigris jacksoni) were born at WCS’s (Wildlife Conservation Society) Bronx Zoo. The cubs, Nadia and Azul, are both female and were born in January of 2016.

Animals with Coronavirus Covid-19

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