Weed and Fungus Control with Landscape Fabric and Soaker Hose

The best way to control weeds in the control is to start with prevention.

Before planting vegetables in the garden, you can roll out landscape fabric down the rows where the vegetable plants will be planted. The fabric should be porous, and will need to be stapled down with “sod staples” or pins. This technique works especially well when planting on “raised rows” or beds. Cut “X’s” in the fabric in order to plant your plants.

To make watering your garden easier, you can string out a soaker hose along each row, underneath the landscape fabric.  Leave the end of each hose sticking out at the end of the row. Whenever  you want to water, just attach your regular garden hose and turn on the water very low for about 30 minutes. This method also helps to prevent fungus because the soaker hose only waters the soil and roots without overhead sprinkling of the leaves.