5 Substitutes for Aluminum Deodorants – How to Control Body Odor Naturally

Are you still using commercial deodorants and antiperspirants? Turn the bottle over and read the ingredients. Do you really want that aluminum whatchamacallit on your sensitive skin? I dare you to try to pronounce those ingredients; go ahead do it. Tick tock.Tick tock.

Well, I don’t want that stuff on me, so I threw it away.

Did you know that your sweat is just odorless water and some mineral salts? Unfortunately, bacteria like to live in dark damp places like your under armpits. It’s the bacteria that causes the odor. Here are five easy, effective and natural ways to attack that bacteria and eliminate the odor.

Number one. Witch hazel. Witch hazel is a naturally antibacterial, astringent toner for your whole body. It’s gentle enough to use on your face and your underarms. You can apply it with a spray bottle, a cotton ball, or a washcloth.

Number Two.. Epsom salt. Epsom salt is crystalline magnesium sulfate. Magnesium and Sulfur are both essential elements that your body needs. Dissolve a little in some water and put it in a spray bottle.

Number Three. Vinegar. Vinegar (acetic acid) is an effective antibacterial, and once it evaporates the odor is gone. Be careful because vinegar could sting right after you shave your underarms.

Number Four. Rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol kills those bacteria on contact. You can apply it with a spray bottle, a cotton ball, or a washcloth. But again, be careful because it could sting right after you shave your underarms.

Number Five. This last one is sort of a bonus. Since body sprays and fragrances are primarily made of rubbing alcohol you can use them to kill the bacteria in your underarms and they also smell good.

So go ahead — throw away that deodorant antiperspirant with the aluminum whatever it is in it. Smell fresh the natural way!

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