China Demands Apology for CoronaVirus Insult — plus advice on How to Prepare and What to Do

China Demands Apology for CoronaVirus Insult — plus advice on How to Prepare and What to Do for Corona Virus

So with the coronavirus outbreak in China flying around through all the news outlets, we now see the memes start up. Although this health scare is not a laughing matter, it has now become a snowflake issue. A Danish newspaper published a meme with a slight adjustment to the Chinese flag – replacing the yellow stars with yellow cartoon corona virusus. Of course, China has called for a formal apology for offending the patriotic volunteers of Chinese oppression, oops, I mean the Chinese people.

Sad that we have to dig up international news in order to get some information. See the links in the description below.

Sadly, we have all seen some of the videos out of Wuhan, with apparently healthy normal adults passing out and falling over, dead bodies lying around in overwhelmed hospitals. I pray for all these people and their family members, hoping the best for the ….\

HOW TO PREPARE for CoronaVirus

What you can do ahead of time:

1. Leave vulnerable family members at home when you go to the store or out in public. That’s gonna be granny and baby.

2. Get what you need in one big trip to the store, and stay out of the public as much as possible.

3. Wash your hands often, keep a bleach wipie in your hand and wipe door handles and shopping carts and anything else that you touch after someone else.

4. The stupid dust masks you see in news photos are ineffective. In my opinion they are a waste of money, only for the phony actors to wear for the fictional script.

5. Tank up everyone in your family with healthy fresh foods that boost your immune system. We all know what they are, so stop ignoring good advice and go pick up some oranges and apples and broccoli at the store. Duh. Here’s a great tip for some fun Vitamin C – go outside and snip off some nice green pine needles from a nearby tree, cut them up and steep them in some hot water for 15 minutes. Pour it through a strainer and drink that wonderful tea. MMM-yummy.

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