Dinosaurs are NOT Extinct – Theropods are Living NOW!

Dinosaurs vanished from Earth 65 million years ago, or did they?

Don’t get nervous, you won’t see a Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping down your street.

Recent findings have turned the field of paleontology on its head. Scientists now believe that there is a group of dinosaurs that are not extinct. In fact they could be flapping around your neighborhood right now.

Look up in the sky! the dinosaurs that exist today are descendants of theropod dinosaurs, a group that includes such popularly known creatures as Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as me. Smaller dinosaurs. These living relics are avian dinosaurs, also known as Birds.

For hundreds of years, scientists had observed similarities between Birds and the fossils of theropod dinosaurs; features such as Halo bones and bird like feet. The conceptual leap from bird like to bird was cemented in 1996, when an extraordinary finding was reported from China’s Liaoning province. paleontologist Chen Pei Ji presented a fossilized skeleton of a small theropod surrounded by impressions of fuzzy down on the perimeter of its body. turns out, these were feathers. Since then, hundreds more of these feathered dinosaur specimens have been found all over the world.

Our understanding of dinosaurs has always been limited by what we can glean from Dusty fossilized remains. If you want to learn about how theropod dinosaurs movie how their bodies were shaped, and even how they cared for their young, you can skip the trip to a natural history museum and go to the zoo instead. An afternoon with an emu could be your day with a dinosaur.


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