Growing Apple Trees from seed

Johnny Appleseed is often depicted as a happy-go-lucky farmer who roamed the American frontier barefoot wearing a pan on his head and scattering apple seeds. Although this image fits comfortably with folklore, Johnny Appleseed was was actually a real person.

Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman on September 26th 1774 in LeoMinster Massachusetts. he made his name by moving West ahead of the first pioneers, mainly in and around Western Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. He traveled with a supply of apple seeds that he used to plant Orchards, some of which exists to this day. By the time the first settlers arrived, he had fully grown apple trees ready to sell them, along with nutritious fruit and that intoxicating beverage of choice among weary Travelers – hard cider.

Chapman quickly became known for his friendly, outgoing nature, and settlers welcomed him into their homes both for his liquid refreshments and his entertaining stories. They nicknamed him Johnny Appleseed, and along with his popularity, legends about him began to spread.

Although there’s no evidence to support the idea that Johnny Appleseed wore a cooking pot on his head, he was known to remain barefoot, even in ice and snow. He preached a liberal Christian theology called swedenborgianism, befriended Native Americans, and espoused a deep love of nature. He believed it was wrong to chop down trees or kill animals, and he often used his Apple tree profits to buy lame horses and save them from slaughter.

Johnny Appleseed died in 1845, but his reputation can’t . in 1871, a story about his life appeared in Harper’s new monthly magazine, and the depiction served to elevate him from eccentric tree planter to patron saint of horticulture.


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