Hollywood Special Effects? Was a Real Tornado Created with Weather Machines during the movie Twister?

Hollywood Special Effects? Was a Real Tornado Created with Weather Machines during a screening of the movie Twister?

Is it possible that screenwriters scripted the special effects that accompanied the movie Twister when it made the rounds on the drive-in movie circuit in Ontario, Canada?

In 1974, Hollywood introduced the Innovative, but ultimately unpopular, concept of Sensurround to promote the movie Earthquake. Featuring a Sonic sound explosion that actually shook the seats to create the sensation of an earthquake, the gimmick was dismissed by both cinematic critics and finicky fans. Tinseltown also introduced other Innovations, such as THX sound and IMAX screens, to get couch potatoes out of the house and into theaters.

In 1996, Sensurround made a dramatic return to the screens, scripted with a not-so-subtle substance by nature itself. All myths worth their weight in mystery must be built on a basic foundation of truth, and in the case of the movie Twister, the facts are as fascinating as fiction.

On May 28th, 1996, a tornado tore through the community of Thorold, Ontario, a sleepy little hamlet in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario. Most of the city escaped major damage, but the same could not be said of the local drive-in theater, which saw all of its four screens ripped and ravaged by the storm. Like the whirling winds, rumors were soon flying that the tornado had touched down just as spectators at the drive-in were stuffing themselves with popcorn and watching the blockbuster movie Twister. The cars-only cinema was indeed showing the disaster flick, but the tornado actually hit during the day, not at night when the movie was being played.

A further and more far-fetched twist on the story is that the real-life tornado hit during a scene in Twister when a tornado rips through a drive-in theater that’s showing a movie about a tornado…

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