Isis and the Seven Scorpions – Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Isis and the Seven scorpions

Having murdered Osiris, the husband and brother of Isis, their evil sibling Seth kept the goddess and her young son Horus as hostages. One night the captives Broke Free with the aid of the god Thoth, who provided an escort of seven scorpions to assist them in their daring escape.

The goddess Isis faced great hardships in tracking down the pieces of her dismembered husband of Osiris so that she could magically resuscitate him. Yet her trials were not over even then, for he died for a second time soon after he had made her pregnant with the child Horus. Then, in her renewed widowhood, she fell into the hands of her husband’s killer. Her evil brother Seth imprisoned her, ordering her to weave a shroud for Osiris, who had returned once more to the underworld kingdom from which Isis’s magic had temporarily summoned him.

Yet even at this low point in her fortunes, Isis had friends among the gods. The wise Thoth saw her plight and determined to assist her. Freeing her from the linen mill where she was held, he provided her with an escort of seven scorpions, who each swore to protect the goddess and her unborn son from Seth’s vengeance.

The strange band set off for the marshes of the Nile Delta. On their way they came to a village, where Isis determined to seek food and shelter. The first house that she approached belonged to a wealthy Noble woman, who did not recognize the goddess and slammed the door in her face. Unabashed, Isis soon found a poor peasant girl who welcomed her into her Humble Home.

The Scorpions, however, were enraged by the rich woman’s treatment of the goddess, and so they prepared to avenge their mistress. One of them crept into the noblewoman’s house and stung her young son. As the boy lay dying, his mother ran through the streets crying for help: but in payment for her earlier inhospitality, no one came to her aid

Isis, however, took pity on the boy, not wishing to see him suffer on his mother’s account, and so she cast a powerful spell over him to neutralize the poison. the child recovered at once. His mother, truly repentant, gave all her belongings to Isis and the kindly peasant girl.