LOVE Snakes? Test Your Knowledge about Snakes with a fun TRUE or FALSE quiz!

LOVE Snakes? Test Your Knowledge about Snakes with a fun TRUE or FALSE quiz!

1. True or False?
You can identify poisonous snakes by their triangular heads.

Many non-poisonous snakes have triangular heads, and many poisonous snakes don’t. You would not enjoy testing this theory on a coral snake, whose head is not triangular. It’s not the kind of test you can retake if you flunk. Boa Constrictors and some species of water snakes have triangular heads, but they are not poisonous.

2, True or False?
A coral snake is too little to cause much harm.

Coral snakes are indeed small, and lack long viper fangs. But their mouth can open wider than you might imagine, wide enough to grab an ankle or wrist. If they get ahold of you, they can inject an extremely potent venom.

3. True or False?
A snake will not cross a hemp rope.

Snakes couldn’t care less about a rope or its formative material, and they will readily cross not only a rope but a live electrical wire.

4. True or False?
Some snakes, including the common garter snake, protect their young by swallowing them temporarily in the face of danger.

The maternal instinct just isn’t that strong for a mother snake. If a snake has another snake in its mouth, the former is the diner and the latter is dinner.

5. True or False?
When threatened, a hoop snake will grab its tail with its mouth, form a hoop with its body, and roll away.

There’s actually no such thing as a hoop snake. In another version of the myth, the snake forms a hoop in order to chase prey and people. Even if there were such a thing as a hoop snake, unless the supposed snake were rolling itself down hill, it wouldn’t necessarily go any faster than it would with its usual slither.

6. True or False?
A snake must be coiled in order to strike.

A snake can strike at half its length from ANY stable position. It can also swivel swiftly to bite anything that grabs it, even on occasion, professional snake handlers. Anyone having with a “must grab snake” attitude should consider the dangers.

7. True or False?
The puff adder can kill you with its venom-laced breath.

“Puff adder” refers to a number of snakes, from a common and dangerous African variety to the less aggressive hog-nose snakes of North America. You can’t defeat any of them with a breath mint, because they aren’t in the habit of breathing on people, nor is their breath poisonous.

8. True or False?
Snakes do more harm than good.

How fond are you of rats and mice? Anyone who despises such varmints should love snakes, which dine on rodents and keep their numbers down.

9. True or False?
Snakes travel in pairs to protect each other.

Most snakes are solitary except during breeding season, when, go figure, male snakes follow potential mates closely. Otherwise, snakes aren’t particularly social and are clueless about the buddy system.

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