Slot Machines – Tips and Tricks, Wins, Pay Cycles and Jackpot Payoffs

Slot Machines – Tips and Tricks, Wins, Pay Cycles and Jackpot Payoffs

So you want to hit the casinos and win the jackpot. You have heard that there are preset payoffs, and you want to find out how to outsmart the slot machines. Do slot machines or “one-armed Bandits” really have predetermined pay cycles? Don’t bet on it. The money you lose may be your own.

As Alex feeds quarters into a humming slot machine, a thought occurs to him: “I think this machine is dead. I’d like to try a different one, but I’ve heard they all have fixed pay cycles.” I’ve been on this one for 2 hours, so it should be about ready to cough it up. I guess I’ll stay put.”

The fact is that many such thoughts steer gamblers into repetitive or superstitious habits that have little to no bearing on reality. A modern slot machine just generates numbers. It can’t discern between its first Spin and it’s 20,000, so Alex could easily spend weeks babysitting it, hoping for the big payoff. Slot machines do have certain payout percentages, but these are based on millions of spins to reach a jackpot.

Frustrated by its stinginess Alex finally walks away from his slot machine. An instant later another Patron takes Alex’s seat, plops in a coin, and hits the Super Jackpot. If Alex had simply stuck it out, would he be the rich one? Not unless he had pushed the spin button or yanked the handle at precisely the same microsecond as the winner had. The reason is that changes in timing yield completely different results, a phenomenon referred to as the “hero or zero” rule.

Disgusted, Alex decides to rely on another tactic. He’ll come back when the place is jam-packed, knowing that more jackpots are won when the casino is crowded. At this point it would be easy to again call Alex a loser, but we won’t go there. The reason a casino gives up more jackpots when it’s busy is obvious. More people are playing, so more spins are taking place, which means more jackpots will be hit. In the end Alex might want to stick to Lottery scratch offs.

Gambling can become an addiction. If you do go to Las Vegas, remember to stick to a budget and treat it all as a game, and have fun on your vacation. The old saying “the house always wins” is true. That is true. Burn that into your brain. You will lose, and the house will win. It’s like going to the amusement park and paying for the roller coaster and water slide. You are just paying to play the games and have a fun, entertaining vacation. Enjoy!

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