Women’s Golf and Mary Queen of Scots – what does this have to do with Trump?

Women’s Golf and Mary Queen of Scots – what does this have to do with Trump?

When encountering a female foursome on the links, many a male golfer has muttered that G.O.L.F. is an acronym for GENTLEMEN ONLY, LADIES FORBIDDEN. Only in your dreams, guys!

No one is completely sure about the origin of the name for the game that involves whacking a small orb across a manicured field. It is speculated that the sport’s odd moniker comes from the Dutch words “kolf” and “kolve”, which mean “club”. By the time those words had crossed the channel and entered the Scottish lexicon, they had been transformed into golve, gowl, and gouf.

Regarding the game’s exclusion of ladies, history tells us that women have been playing almost as long as men have. Mary, Queen of Scots, was an avid golfer in the 16th century, before she was beheaded for treason that is. Her fondness for the sport became evident when she squeezed in a “quick 18” just days after the murder of her second husband. This seemed to cause great consternation among her followers, who felt she should be praying instead of putting. In fact, Mary may have been responsible for introducing the term “caddy” into the vocabulary of golf. When she played the game growing up in France, military cadets often carried her clubs as she took a “good walk wasted”. When she returned to Scotland in 1561, she introduced the practice to her subjects, and the club-toting cadets were dubbed caddies.

Today, the LPGA, Ladies Professional Golf Association, holds dozens of tournaments every year for elite female golfers from around the world. You can find their schedule at http://www.lpga.com/tournaments

However, the mythical acronym G.O.L.F. does ring true at one famous locale. Since it opened in 1933, Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament, never allowed women to be a part of its exclusive membership until very recently. Its founders (now passed on) are well known for their discrimination, bigotry and racism. On the other hand, all Trump golf courses have always welcomed women, and everyone else, with absolutely no bigotry or racism, ever.

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